A Love Poem From My Daughter

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A Poem From My Daughter

Pip and I, Bora Bora, May 2017.

My youngest daughter, Pippi, presented me with this poem the other day. She wrote it during her much-loved, quiet, alone time during the day. She is usually very creative during these relaxing solo times in her room. I have to share it because it took me by surprise ( I almost never receive love poems) and also because I believe love poems make the greatest gifts!

I feel honoured and humbled that my daughter views me in these ways but more importantly, I am thrilled because I know that the qualities she believes that I possess, are the same qualities that she recognizes in herself

You might notice that Pippi has used the five senses to organize the poem. Every since Pippi was born, on road trips we play a game where we pick a colour and say how the colour is expressed in all five sense. For example: if you could hear pink, what would it sound like? How does pink taste? Feel? Smell? What does it look like (aside from its colour)–it’s shape? This road-trip game seems to have inspired her writing!

I’ve typed out the poem below as the picture is difficult to read.

If you see a woman who feels strongly for all rights and will stand up tall to spread the message of equality, while being a great leader and a role model to her kids,

That’s my mom

If you hear the sound of a woman with great confidence and skill, who’s is creative at the same time?

That’s my mom

If you smell sweets that came from a woman who is determined, loving and beautiful on the outside and in, That’s my mom.

If you feel a soft, fuzzy carpet that has been bought by a woman who is a hard working mother of three,

but still has time to be adventurous,

That’s my mom

If you taste a mouth watering brownie that has been baked up by a woman who enjoys life

and supports her kids’ ideas and beliefs,

That’s my mom

My mom is amazing!

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