A Pug And A Panda Go Tobogganing

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Fernando & Pip

A Pug And A Panda Go Tobogganing

These pictures were taken on February 1st, the day before Pip’s birthday. We had a new, unexpected snowfall and Pip wanted to go tobogganing but her sisters didn’t want to; so, I said I’d join her. We headed up the mountains near our home for a magical winter’s day. 

*I am so happy that we did as the snow melted within days and spring arrived before we were ready for it!


The day had an otherworldly quality to it. We’d no sooner crept from the forest, nearing the mountain top when, ZOOM! a snowboarder flew past us. I said, “Whoa, you came out of nowhere!” The boarder stopped and in a slow American drawl said, I  couldn’t wait for a trip to the ski hills because I’m from Kansas and I wanted to try boarding now! Well, Dorothy certainly wasn’t in Kansas anymore and Pip and I felt that we were no longer in Kelowna either—the day seemed too enchanted for us to be Kelowna.

View from our mountain.

We decided that since we were possibly experiencing a parallel universe moment, we might as well throw caution to the wind and free-style our way down the mountain on the toboggan. Honestly, it was as though we were in a Harry Potter movie. The sled floated through the snow and down the mountain side while I frantically steered us (dodging ponderosa pine and fir trees) and the dogs ran beside us. We survived, having to abort the slide once the mountain side turned into a vertical drop.

It’s true, we hit a few rocks along the way; the toboggan’s on the flimsy side. Pip was unscathed but I had a hard time sitting for a few days. However, it seems that if I don’t hurt myself weekly, it means I’m not having enough fun.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from our enchanted winter’s day in Parallel Universe Kelowna...

So, a Pug and a Panda Go Tobogganing…
Pip the Panda
Just after we met our Kansas snowboarding friend and the moment before we decided to free-style our way down the mountain on the Toboggan…
Panda playing in the snow…
Crash Landing: Pablo and me.

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