A Visit with Pippi Longstocking

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IMG_6079I’m on a mountain road trip in the Kootenays, BC with five darling girls–Yes, in Nelson BC. We braved high mountain passes to reach the girl’s Auntie T. Auntie T is like a fantasy Auntie to her nieces. If Pippi Longstocking grew up, she would be Auntie T. Auntie T’s home is a big, historical castle for the girls–filled with interesting treasures to explore.

It’s amazing how early drug addiction starts in children–in the case of “addicted to sugar.” There is a candy store a few blocks from Auntie T’s house. The youngest girls fantasize about the candy they’ll buy each visit with the toonie they’re given to spend ($2). My little Pippi even gets this glint in her eye and repeats “sugar…sugar…sugar….” like a robot. Of course, the splurge usually ends with a few upset tummies. But hey, a visit with Pippi Longstocking isn’t complete without a sugar splurge! I had mine last night for dessert: 3 different flavours of Haggen Dazs in one bowl. Good thing this town if filled with steep hills, San Francisco style, and I’ve been walking a lot. One hill was so steep last evening (I was driving around a big van) that the girls freaked and begged me not to attempt it. I decided not to drive down it as the van might have gone trunk over hood (seriously–made Nob Hill look flat!)

Auntie T arranged for all of us to attend a family weekend at Kootenay Spa for full hair cuts and colour. I hope you enjoy the stunning results (my personal favourite is Uncle Joop’s Prince Valiant doo):



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