Another Spring at Lac Du Bois

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The Wild West Still Exists at Lac Du Bois, British Columbia

Train at Lac Du Bois

Tucked in the scenic Thompson River Valley, just West of Kamloops, is one of the most wild and wondrous places in BC: the rolling hills of Lac Du Bois. The area was once a part of the Hudson Bay Brigade trail. Today, it is an exquisite landscape of pure wild west: sage brush, cacti, meadow Larks, big horned mountain sheep, cattle and trains. Every spring I arrive at my parent’s home and squeeze in a hike on the rolling hills of Lac Du Bois. I hope you enjoy a few photographs from my day:

Train, Thompson River Valley, BC.
Train at Thompson River Valley, BC.
Train over looking trumpeter swans on pond, Lac Du Bois, BC
Wild flower in bloom, March 2015, Lac Du Bois. BC.
Wild flower bud, March 2015, Lac Du Bois, BC.
Budding wild flower, March 2015, Lac Bu Bois, BC.
Meadow Lark, Lac Du Bois, BC
Meadow Lark on post, Lac Du Bois, BC.
Cacti at Lac Du Bois, BC,
Sage berries: the little balls are super soft and fury.
Sage berries: the little balls are super soft and fury.


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  1. Sandra Hart
    | Reply

    Wonderful pictures Melissa.

    • Mix Hart
      | Reply

      Thank you! It was a great hike 🙂

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