Arctic Adventure: Researching My Next Novel

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Arctic Adventure: Researching My Next Novel

The Universe Wants Me To Go North—

Mix Hart


I received good news yesterday. Unexpected good news is always the best. I applied for a grant from The Canadian Council Of The Arts to help fund the writing of my next novel, which I will call Naked. In my usual style, I almost recycled the large envelope I received last week…so happy that I didn’t—I got the grant!

This means a little bit of a change of plans for me. I’d decided to put Naked on hold and start another novel as I felt that I could not finish Naked without revisiting the North—memories and literature researching will only get a writer so far—however, now, with the grant, Naked is suddenly a top literary priority. I guess the universe wants me to write Naked—right now—and I’m not one to argue with the universe.

So, I’m heading north—way north—to gather research for the novel (I’ll wait for the summer weather though as I want to bike some of it). Naked takes place in the Canadian Arctic: both the Yukon and a small corner of the North West Territories. I want to recreate the journey my protagonist takes through the North which, will take me off the beaten path exploring and also to some of my old haunts: Whitehorse, Dawson City, Eagle Plains, Inuvik

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