Beach Babies

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A busy day–the beach this am with the girls–enjoyed planes landing on the water, parasailers, dingy rides and sand. Then I took the big girls out to Nancy Drew. At first I thought–good god this is awful, but then I ended up enjoying it. I like the prim and proper teen girl thing, reminds me of my youth!!! Penelope busy playing ball, Tabs out shopping with Pj. Mist invented a really cool ball/obsticle course game–even designed a special stick with a hoop to carry around the ball.I am trying to finish a major Queen edit incase the agent asks for more. I am loving every minute of the editing–it is fun–escaping to another world for awhile. Hot hot hot in Kelowna! Peter is so busy he can’t even think straight–it’s the final week for his papers and he teaches next week while we’re in Pender.

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