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The Story of The BIG HUGGIES Sweater

It was”Ugly Sweater Day” at my daughter Tabs’ school last week. She raided her father’s closet and came out with a huge Peruvian, blue sweater. She put it on and asked her dad where he ever found such a thing. She didn’t remember ever seeing it before.

Her dad and I laughed. We couldn’t believe that she’d forgotten the sweater. The sweater has a rich history in our family, especially in Tabs’ history.

The “ugly sweater” is better known as “The Big Huggies Sweater.” Ever since Tabitha could walk, she’d toddle into her father’s closet and search for the Peruvian, blue sweater.

She’d wait each day until about 5 o’clock when her dad arrived home from work (she could hear his car drive into the garage). Then, she’d race to his closet to find the sweater.

She’d meet him at the door (long before she was talking in full sentences) and hand him the huge sweater to put on. He’d drop his computer case and pull on the sweater. Little Tabs would then climb up onto the stair landing, run as fast as she could, and launch herself into his open arms.

As soon as she learned to talk, the sweater was referred to as “The Big Huggies Sweater.” The action of Tabitha running the few steps on the stair landing, and flying into her dad’s open arms for a big hug, became known as “Big Huggies.”

To this day, on the rare occasion, she’ll demand a “Big Huggies” from her dad—so far, he’s yet to fall backwards and land flat onto the floor.

Despite her continuing the Big Huggies, somehow, along the way the way, the sweater was forgotten and left in the closet. Until, of course, ugly sweater day…

Tabitha was thrilled to hear the Big Huggies Sweater story and wanted more than ever to wrap herself in its warmth and wear it to school for the day.

I hope you enjoy a short photo essay of the history of the sweater and “Big Huggies” at our house:

Scan 3Peter in the (almost new) Big Huggies sweater, with our first born baby girl, Mistaya.

Scan 2Baby Tabs and sis Mistaya, enjoying hugs from Dad at Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC.

Scan 4Toddler Tabs enjoying huggies with her dad.

Scan 1

An exuberant, 5 year-old Tabs hugging her dad inside a historical, Okanagan aboriginal house, Osoyoos, BC.


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  1. sandra hart
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    A great story!

    • Mix Hart
      | Reply

      Thank-you S–we were always a little perplexed as to why Tabs wanted Peter in the sweater before she jumped into his arms. We decided it was because he used to wear it to relax in at home a lot and she associated it with her cuddly dad.

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