An Autumn Rainforest Stroll

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An Autumn Rainforest Stroll Mount Revelstoke National Park, British Columbia I am addicted to the temperate rainforests of British Columbia. I find peace inside the towering ancient trees. My favourite thing to do in life is to get “lost” inside … Read More

Falling Leaves and Waterfalls

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Falling Leaves and Waterfalls Moses Falls, Revelstoke, BC My last post Chasing BC Waterfalls was the inspiration behind last weekend’s trip to see Moses Falls, BC. It’s almost November, yet the lower elevations in southern BC are snow free; thus, I … Read More

A Cuppa Tea and a Great Read

It’s that time of year again: Time For a Cozy Cuppa Tea and a Great Read! I am sharing a post of mine from a few years ago on the amazing tradition of drinking tea for all you tea lovers/readers … Read More

Lightning Storm On Top of the World

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I never considered that I’d ever be caught in a lightning storm in the wilderness. When seeking shelter was impossible, I realized the forest was our only option. MacIntyre Bluff is an iconic, picturesque rock face that rises above Vaseux … Read More

In Search of Incomappleux

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In Search of Incomappleaux In Search of Incomappleux, Mix Hart This the second instalment in a series documenting my quest to find a hidden interior, temperate rainforest with ancient trees–over 1000 years old! The valley I search for is called “Incomappleaux.” … Read More

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