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The Mist, Tabs and I had the most amazing time yesterday. We went tobogganing on our private mountain. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, we could see the lake through the trees. The snow was new and deep. … Read More

Rock Concert

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Skating again tonight. Tabs will teach me how to stop hockey style. Tabs bumped her head at school yesterday–both Peter and I were called. I was down town. We both sped to the school. Tabs is OK, mainly shaken up. … Read More


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Jogged through deep snow this am–1 step forward, two steps back. It was good for me though, made me really enjoy the snow, like a kid. I needed the challenge–the way my mind is, I should climb Everest to set … Read More

Dance Party

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Took the big girls and Melanie to the Lu Lu Lemon dance party. It was fun. Mission Dance troupe danced 4 numbers that were very good. The treats and take home bags were awesome. Went to “Dave in Real Life”–so … Read More

Pony Chase

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So…my running and weights have been rudely interupted by variuos viruses lurking amongst my family. Managing hikes but that is about it. Tomorrow I plan to be 100% Reading “Happiness” by Matthieu Ricard–very good. Will start on the three remaining … Read More

Treasure Hunting

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The past two weekends have been party central. I am pooped. However, both parties were raging successes. Last night I scared the kids silly taking them up the back of the mountain in the dark–my tales of Shakelton’s treasure went … Read More


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I appologize to my faithful subjects who have been left hanging on this important month of Blogging.But, I have caught a horrid cold and have been dragging myself around trying to do everything and feeling yuck.Big party this weekend to … Read More

Be Bad, Be Very Bad…

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Went on a run through the forest this morning–sunrising,calm–beautiful.Wrote an entire new chapter for Pizzaface on the run–will beef up the novel the needed words.Happy 40th Birthday Catherine! Remember:Be Bad, Be Very Bad…


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I’m having a party! Next Friday night. I’m inviting 18 people total. Yep–gotta start planning. Rained this am–better than snow. Going to rendition tonight. Bought the sexiest-coolest jeans ever. I love having a great pair of jeans that are sooo … Read More


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So tired tonight. A busy week. Wrecked my knee so I have to take a break from running for awhile. A couple of weirdo’s at the top of the mountain this morning. Peeing freely in front of me. Wanted to … Read More

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