Born to Dance

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Peter made it to candidacy today!Ye-ha cow paddy! Finally a little light at the end of the long tunnel. I talked to UBCO today. I don’t send in my portfolio until Jan. Pip is one crazy dancer. She break dances even! I swear the kid was born to dance! Today she got out the cornstarch and dusted up the Woo and his bed. Had a busy weekend visiting with Arthurs–Andy, Grace and Don. All were looking well and in good spirits. Pip was in fine form entertaining everyone with her unstoppable dance routeen. Tabs had Tap today. She’s in with a slightly older class and Laurie is her teacher which is great because my girls love Laurie. Mist statrs with her Rock band tomorrow at the School Of Rock. Went to the beach tonight–beautiful! The water was cooler than last month but warmer than the ocean!Celebrated Pete’s PHD with 2 for 1 Blizzards. Mist won ‘best manners at the supper table’ tonight. Her prize–to make a jello mold inthe flavour of her choice. Seem to be saving alot of money on my new budget. It gives me POWER! I love balancing the books. Love that Kyran is so into my novel “Queen”. It is top notch fiction I must admit. Wrote a horribly frightening/creepy part of “Sugar Shack”–it is one good book. It’s a good thing I’m my own biggest fan I’ll tell you–in a business full of nasty rejection. Must feed my little baby girl and tuck her into her little bed.

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