How To Call A Crocodile

Once in a long while you fall instantly in love with another human being. Anthony is our once in awhile crocodile…

Anthony of Sierpe

*This is the final post about my family’s jungle adventures on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. Follow along on all our wild jungle adventures here: Jungle Adventure!

Peter and Pip waiting on our dock for our boat taxi into the town of Sierpe, Costa Rica.

After about five days of living in our jungle house we decide it’s time to catch a boat into town, food supplies are getting low. Sierpe is a small community on the Sierpe River and a 25 minute boat ride from our dock

Pip is especially sensitive to the heat and humidity. She feels too hot and tired to sit up in the boat.

As soon as our boat docks in town, Peter and the eldest girls make a beeline for the town pharmacy; they heard one can get wifi there. Sure enough, they find the internet (and if you are one of the lucky few to receive text messages or emails from the jungle—this is where they all came from—the out door pharmacy in Sierpe). Not me though, no way. I avoid the wifi like the plague.

In my Canadian life I have to be online all week for my job; in between actually creating (writing and painting), I have to manage my websites, emails and write online ad copy. Not surprisingly, the jungle has brought true clarity to my life and I am more than happy to have no connection with the online world. I do not go online for my entire jungle holiday. I don’t miss it at all. In fact, I would be perfectly happy to live in the jungle and go into town once every 2 weeks for updates on the modern world.

Internet addicts at the local pharmacy with free wifi. Peter is hiding in a small computer room in back. I fear he has disappeared in that dark room…

Sierpe is small with a rural feel to it. The grocery store sells no real juice (only sugary fake stuff), the produce is sketchy and there is no dairy or meat. However, all is not lost as I happen upon a pair of Chanel sunglasses for the equivalent of 3 Canadian dollars. I buy them—I really need a pair and I don’t care if they’re fakes.

One of many stray dogs in Sierpe. This one obviously has left her puppies to find food and drink. 4 such dogs have been eaten by crocodiles along the Sippre River bank in the last month. They come to drink and the crocs spot a quick lunch.

Strolling through the park with our few groceries we meet a local ten year old boy named Anthony. He rides in circles around our group for about five minutes. I say, “Hola.” That’s what he’s been waiting for. Anthony has a lot to say, in Spanish of course. Oh, if only we knew what he was saying!

And so we meet Anthony of Sierpe in the town park.

Anthony is hard to resist with his nonstop Spanish banter and his desire to befriend us. The truth be told, Tabs and I instantly fall head over heels in love with Anthony.

Anthony takes a short stroll with Peter to check to see if the boat’s come back for us.
Anthony teaches us many games to pass the time as we wait for our boat to return. He hands us each a pile of rocks and sets up numerous targets for us to try and hit.

How To Call A Crocodile

Anthony teaches us how to call a crocodile by making the same sound young crocodiles make. You pinch your nose closed, puff out your cheeks, keep your mouth closed and make an, “um, um, um,” sound in your throat.

Anthony pointing out crocodile foot prints on the dock.

Watch the short video below for a quick lesson on crocodiles by Anthony:

Anthony insists on carrying the watermelon. It is too heavy for him but he refuses all help as he struggles to the end of the dock with pride.
We  don’t want to part ways with Anthony. He possesses a magical skill of making every thing interesting and fun. I want to take him home with us as he and the girls are having so much fun together. Sadly, we must say good-bye.
The sign on this outdoor restaurant is meant for boaters to read as they pass by along the Sierpe River.

The sign reads: Use Two Magnets On Each Photo On Your Fridge

-this sign wins the Most Ridiculous Sign Ever Award from me.

Homeward bound! Back to our jungle home with watermelon in hand.

Friendship, fleeting or otherwise, is a beautiful thing.

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