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The Catcher Lives On

Tabs and Pip playing catcher with me about 5 years ago.

It is one of those weeks when I have deadlines looming and I am under editing stress. At times like this my blog tends to get ignored a little. Suddenly, the week is upon me and I must get a post out!

This week’s post is a peek at one of the many weird and wonderful games I play at home with my kids when we’re bored. Trust me, a game of catcher never leaves one bored afterward—tired and exhilarated, but not bored. Bonus is, it’s an unbelievable workout…try it!

Toddler Pip playing catcher with mom. The pure joy on her face says it all…weird games are fun!

My girls and I play the crazy game of catcher once in a while. I played it with Mist and Tabs when they were younger and now Pip and I play sometimes. More about us playing catcher here: Catcher. It’s an amazing work out. The catcher has to keep moving (slow-mo dancing) and the dancer must keep dancing (always in and out of reach of the catcher).  All you need is music (and a super, solid, stable coffee table). Sometimes you just have to use what’s all around you and create your own weird fun…works for us!


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