4th Grade Rude Awakenings

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4th Grade Rude Awakenings   Fourth Grade is a rude awakening for most kids. It’s a time when the innocence of kind, gentle teachers and a world of fairness vanishes. The rose coloured glasses of early childhood are suddenly clouded … Read More

How Do You Rate Your Abilities?

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How Do You Rate Your Abilities? Are You an Under-Rater or Over-Rater? I had a recent conversation with someone who over-rated his abilities. The conversation was a little on the comical side: once he realized that he was way in over … Read More

Queen Of The Godforsaken at Woodhaven, Woodshed Series

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If you have plans for this Friday please cancel them and come to the woods with me instead! On Friday August 7 at 7 p.m. I’ll be reading a passage from my debut young adult novel Queen of the Godforsaken. … Read More

Girls Who Sail

Girls Who Sail With The Ogopogo My daughter Tabs and her cousin Nem have spent part of their summer taking sailing, windsurfing and paddle board lessons on Okanagan Lake with The Central Okanagan Sailing Association (COSA). Sailing is their favourite. … Read More

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