Family Hiking Tour Of BC’s South Coasts: Lighthouse Park

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Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, British Columbia This spring break my family decided to spend a week hiking through some of the rainforests of my home province of British Columbia. My husband, Peter, our eldest daughter, Mistaya, and our youngest daughter, … Read More

These Boots Were Not Made For Walking

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These Boots Were Not Made For Walking You don’t appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone. Such is my appreciation for being able to walk my dogs. I know it is temporary and that it could be much worse; I am … Read More

Earth’s One & Only Inland Temperate Rainforest

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Hiking In Earth’s Only Inland Temperate Rainforest Columbia Mountains, Revelstoke, British Columbia The Inland Temperate Rainforest exists in Southern British Columbia, in the Columbia Mountains which are nestled between the Rocky Mountains to the East and the Monashee Mountains to the … Read More

Top Tool For Navigating Life: Calm, Focused and Alert Mind

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  The Three Top Tools TooIs To Navigate Any Situation Successfully: Calm Mind , Focused Mind, Alert Mind In any life situation, especially in times of danger, the best survival tool a human being has is a strong mind. Like … Read More

Othello Tunnels, Coquihalla Canyon

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Othello Tunnels, Coquihalla Canyon, BC: Biking the KVR I spent this year’s birthday on a bike trip with my family (my eldest daughter Mist, couldn’t come as she had to work. Though, she celebrated with us in the evening at … Read More

Girls Who Sail

Girls Who Sail With The Ogopogo My daughter Tabs and her cousin Nem have spent part of their summer taking sailing, windsurfing and paddle board lessons on Okanagan Lake with The Central Okanagan Sailing Association (COSA). Sailing is their favourite. … Read More

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