How to Throw A Kid’s Birthday Party That Gives Back

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My daughter recently turned eight. She is my third child. To date, I have hosted a total of 39 children’s birthday parties for my children. As most North American parents can attest to, our children get spoiled rotten at their … Read More

Oil Bites: Traditional Artist Turns Digital

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I made a huge transition from traditional oil painting on canvas to digital oil painting on a tablet. I will most likely switch back and forth from traditional canvas to digital, depending on the art project; but for now, I … Read More

In Quest of The Perfect Winter Day

Sometimes I want it all, even if just for a day. I have a vision of the perfect winter day, my kind of perfect day. It involves alipine skiing at SilverStar mountain followed by tubing on the mountain, supper at … Read More

Symbolic Gestures of a Young Mind

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Sometimes, important messages from my children are communicated through art and symbolic gestures rather than words. My darling daughter Pippi made this inuit inspired, soap stone bear sculpture last year in grade one as a present for her dad on … Read More

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