Sporting Women and Girls

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Sports For Life Tabitha running the 400m last week. Why Walk When You Can Run? My belief that hard-core exercise is a must for brain, body strength and longevity is continually being backed up by scientific research. Below are three … Read More

School For Self Esteem

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Photo retrieved from:   School For Self Esteem—when a child practices being a school teacher, her/his self esteem is revealed in the report card comments. I showed my daughter Pippi a series of optical illusion painting by Canadian Artist, … Read More

A Pug And A Panda Go Tobogganing

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A Pug And A Panda Go Tobogganing These pictures were taken on February 1st, the day before Pip’s birthday. We had a new, unexpected snowfall and Pip wanted to go tobogganing but her sisters didn’t want to; so, I said … Read More

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