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Mist at her band concert with Monty (her base clarinet).
Ok, NO more Ms. Crawly Bally. Yes, I am getting into hyberbation/avoidance (crawl into a ball) mode. I have only a little school work to do this month but it is all boring. So I just want to hybernate and avoid it all. For some reason, I am unable to say “screw you” boring work and dive into fun work (i.e. my fiction writing or painting). It seems I must defeat the beast first(boring work), before my brain will allow me to move on.
So, here’s my morning to attempt some of it….ahhhh!
I do so hope I can rise into Party Girl mode tonight and have fun at the Grad social. Usually I can.
Cold this early morning, running Paul’s Tomb. The wind was icy. Fernando was fine except the salt on the roads hurt his feet. Hence, I’ll be sticking to forest runs in the winter.
I’m enjoying Scissor Sister’s “Take Your Mama.” I like to sing it to myself–you know, I’m the mama and I’m taking myself out for a wild and fun night!
Tomorrow night the girls play piano at the mall for a Christmas performance. Starbucks’ hot chocolates all around afterward!

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  1. Melissa Mix Hart
    | Reply

    wow, I love your blog!

  2. theresa_hart
    | Reply

    If you have enough time to comment on your own blog you have enough time to phone your sister who is tired of leaving messages.

  3. Sandra
    | Reply

    Ditto for Mom

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