Cruising on a Sunny Boat, Loaded with Crazy People…

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Happy Birthday to Me! Woot-Woot!

This photo was taken today on Kootenay Lake. My sister Theresa and I dancing on the bow of the boat with Hermie so wanting to join us.
I’ve had so much fun this past weekend–many adventures ( a few death defying too!). I have enough fodder to blog a dozen times. It has been a wonderful Birthday–biking in the Slocan Valley, swimming in Slocan river and boating on Kootenay Lake. Next, the adults are going out for supper–somewhere posh. We’re picking up take out for the kids. Then I think we will wonder over to check out the “Man-Pad’–Paul and his roommate Shane’s house (loaded with all the high tech paraphernalia guys love) and then perhaps Karaoke.
I received a Victoria era antique, blistered-pearl ring from Theresa and a 1920’s necklace that I shall wear out tonight. Both items didn’t fit anyone of this era–so Theresa took a chance, knowing they would fit me and they did! I have very thin fingers and neck–Victorian size apparently!

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  1. Miranda
    | Reply

    woot woot is right!

    Rock on girls!

  2. theresa_hart
    | Reply

    I’m still doctoring the vertigo induced by all our wild dancing on the speeding Barbie boat! Even Herm was too afraid of losing his balance to join us!

  3. John's pic of the day
    | Reply

    Hey, I thought all the beach bunnies were in Kelowna!

  4. Tabitha is the Best
    | Reply

    boating enjoys the love!!!

    swimming is now nothing!!

  5. Sandra
    | Reply

    OOOOOO la la! What bathing beauties! Hermie can’t believe his eyes.

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