Dancing Queen Young and Free only 10 years old!

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Just dropped off Tabs at Pirate night. She was uncharacteristically teary and didn’t want me to leave. Ever since that horrible dance teacher put her down, she’s been teary and clingy. Hopefully the good that will come out of this is that Tabi will learn that you can get knocked down, but you can get right back up again–stronger than before. Mist is a dress rehearsal for the big dance finale. She looked absolutely gorgous in her electric lime-green dancing disco queen outfit! Penelope is in LOVE with her new sing along with the Wiggles book. Sandra has been a big help with all the activities and even has had time to make us peanut butter squares for a treat. I have been zooming along with the novel and loving it. I’m so into all my bizarre charaters, especially the obnoxious ones. PJ is lonely in Edmonton as he has been phoning 2x’s a day and even wants to chat with each of the girls forever! It has been a lovely, sunny day. I will meet Tabi’s class at the Monteo Beach club for breakfast tomorrow. Our prayers are with dear Little Clifford and Theresa’s family as he is so gravely ill.

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