Dancing with the Quatchies

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Pip and Me dancing with her Olympic stuffies.
I was tired today. Why? Because I had no sleep because of my darling Hubbie and his cold. He coughed all night long. Oh, it is so hard when my rock gets ill.

 It is Monday–Buddhist meditation night at the Yoga house. Will I make it there? Doubtful. I try, every Monday to remember to go by 7:30 pm, but I always forget until Tuesday. It is not that I don’t want to–I do. But Monday nights it is hard to pry myself away from the hearth. I like hanging with my girls.

I am all about mathematical formulas. I realized recently that I try to fit my entire life into a simple formula–my wardrobe, my meals, my workouts, my chores, my day: (A + B – D) x C= Z (for zen). If I stick to my rigid (ok a tich fexible) formulas, I believe my life will be simple, effortless and I will be the best I can be. It is in prep for the life I want to live which requires me to spend little energy looking and feeling great and little energy on home chores so I can devote all of my energy to my pleasures: painting, writing, sports, travel and most importantly hanging with my family.

I’m going to start a group on facebook: Ban the Apple. It is based on the ridiculous notion that we humans have the power to corrupt nature simply by the way we dress. IE: women being considered so sexually provocative that they must remain hidden from all male eyes. In an attempt to help our sisters living in societies that require them to hide, and to encourage equality amongst the sexes, I have decided to promote the idea that a man’s Adam’s apple is so sexually provocative that it needs to remain hidden under a turtle neck as to not corrupt women and lead them astray and thus destroy society with mass sexual corruption.

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