Dear Starbucks, Please Don’t Make My Kid Fat.

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Dear Starbucks,

I count on you several days a week, for as a rest stop. A small haven in a busy world. I stop in to have an ice cold drink on hot days and a hot drink on cold winter’s days. Often, I have one of my darling children with me, sometimes all three.

My children always feel “hungry” when we stop at Starbucks. What is their favorite snack? The giant cookie, of course. Those things are big enough to feed 4 kids. When I only have one child with me, I end up buying the huge cookie and feeling horribly guilty–I’m going to make my kid fat by stopping for my little personal relax time. 
The cookie is WAY too big for a kid, for anyone for that matter. 
I ask that Starbucks please consider serving child sized cookies 1/3 to 1/4  of the size of their current cookies–just for us parents who still want to stop in on Starbucks regularly with our kids but don’t want the horrible guilt from feeding them over-sized sweets.
Sure, I could give up stopping at Starbucks with my kids. And yes, ultimately it is up to me to say no to my children. But all I am asking for is a little support.  Help me keep them healthy children–able to indulge in an appropriate sized treat when they’re out and about with Mom or Dad.
Yours Appreciatively,
Modernista Mama (Gold Card Member)

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