Dr. Pippi

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Wow…Dad must be an astronaut. His head is just full of space!
Not bad…for a guy of his advanced age.
Just a quick incision from my skilled hands and that sliver is history.
Let’s see…making a most nutritious supper while PIP shouts at me, “MOMMY, play catch!”Mist and Pip just got back from the neighborhood park. Tabs is at a play date with Wynn, and then they are both off to ballet together. I will pick up Tabs and take her to our movie night out.
Now Pip is saying, “Mommy BAD girl!” because I am not playing catch this instant.
Homework is quite exhausting–the readings. But I am excited about all the research I could potentially do. 
A gorgeous day today and the Pip and I had a picnic lunch in the sun and harvested a giant bowl of our backyard lavender. Two things flourish in my yard: roses and lavender. The conditions are perfect to create unbelievable plants. Gotta go and “play catch!”

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  1. Sandra
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    Lots of people make jokes like that. I’ve been guilty of it myself.

    Surprised I didn’t see the light coming out the other side.

    Just joking, of course. I know that Pete has a LOT of gray matter in there.

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