Enderby Cliffs Hike

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Enderby Cliffs Hike

North Okanagan Valley, BC

In my country there is a mountain.

In my country there is a river.

Come with me.

-Pablo Neruda

(an excerpt from the poem, The Mountain and the River)

Enderby Cliffs, Boho Wild

On one of the warm, first days of summer we climbed through lush forests to the bluffs high above the fertile northern Okanagan Valley near Enderby, BC.

IMG_3904Enderby Cliffs Vista, Boho Wild

The northern tip of the Okanagan Valley is much more lush than the Southern Okanagan, which is desert; the ponderosa pines disappear and are replaced with Douglas fir, cedar and birch trees. The dense forest provides much needed shade under the hot summer sun.

Enderby Cliffs Hike, Boho Wild

The Enderby Valley is pretty close to paradise to me. The Shuswap River snakes through pastoral farm land, resembling  a scene from a Disney movie. The cliffs that surround the pastoral valley were once volcanoes and the valley is actually a 50 million year old lava field! If only there were a train through this valley—I’d relocate in an instant—I am a country girl at heart.

Enderby Cliffs Hike, Boho Wild

Young kerchiefed hikers above <3  We welcomed the forest shade but we had to keep up a steady pace for if we stopped, the mosquitos were on us like a flock of starving vampires.

Enderby Hike: Peter is actually not checking his phone but is getting ready to take a picture of the view.

Our team of six hikers: my hubby and our two youngest daughters, my sister and niece. I hope you enjoy a few pictures from another gorgeous hike in the Okanagan.

Enderby Cliffs Picnic, Boho Wild

We climbed 3 km up to the first cliffs and had a quick picnic.

Enderby Cliffs Hike, Boho Wild
Girls on top of the world: Enderby Cliffs, Boho Wild
Enderby Cliffs Hike–Wild Flowers, Boho Wild

  1. Sam Cullen
    | Reply

    I loooove this hike! It’s probably my favourite in the entire Okanagan. I might be a little biased, though, because I grew up in the area and have always hiked it at least once a year 🙂

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