Spring Morning Mountain Run

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My beautiful boy and running partner, Pablo.

Yesterday was the first official day of spring. She returned to us as promised! In truth, it has been spring like weather in the Okanagan since early February.

The first day of spring on my mountain was misty. In fact, the mist is so thick that, on my morning run, I could not see anything but the mountain as the lake was shrouded is mist.

We ran above this white tailed beauty.

The mist is magical, but (I admit) I was hoping for a morning of sunshine. My darling daughters are all way from home, visiting friends and relatives. Yet, I have much difficult creative work to do ( the kind that feels like I am pulling out my own teeth), and thus I forced myself up and out of bed early to run with Pablo. Fernando, my pug, is too small to manage our mountain runs; I walk him later in the day.

I call this part of my run Billy Goat’s Bluff. I run past this rotten log every morning and I swear it looks exactly like a resting goat looking at the lake below.

In the sunshine the lake is clearly visible but in yesterday’s pictures, it is cloaked in secrecy.

On most mornings I stop at the apex of the mountain and sit to clear my mind in the stillness of the early morning. It is one of the best parts of my day.

The picture below is of a part of the trail I call, Deadly Drop. Two rock faces almost meet and between them is a cliff that drops straight down hundreds of feet below. On a clear day, one can see the lake at the bottom of this drop.

Deadly Drop


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