Georgetown, Penang

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Spent the day touring old Georgetown with new friends Armelle and Janice. Armelle is the partner of Phil ( a colleauge of Peter’s) and Janice the partner of an Australian delegate. ¬†They have been great company as we have toured Penang together for two days while our partners conference. Georgetown is fascinating. I especially like “Little India” and Chinatown–seriously untouched for 100 years! It looks like Vancouver China town must have looked 100 years ago. The Old buildings are beautiful and interesting. The blue mansion gets its colour from a local flower :the blue pea–the paint pigment is literally pigment from the flower petals. The Buddhist temple has recently been restored and won a Unesco historical restoration award. Hot and humid–my hair is curly, curly and I love it! SO simple–I never have to style it.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Teochew Temple: 1855

Mahamariamman: Hindu Temple, 1883

My curly hair and sweaty face!

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  1. Miranda
    | Reply

    Nice pix…being a tourist is so fun…sigh. Off to the ashram this am.

  2. Sandra
    | Reply

    Very interesting pictures. Your hair is curly, I noticed that in a previous picture.

  3. Melissa Mix Hart
    | Reply

    M–hope to hear all about it. S–got your letter–thanks!

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