Happy 15th Birthday Tabitha!

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Tabitha turns 15 years old today. She is an amazing young woman. I liked to call her my little dynamo when she was one year old because she was this tiny little person, with a blonde afro, who never quit moving. She is still my dynamo. She likes to play and ref soccer, swim, ski and has recently taken up snowboarding. She adores nature and her dogs and often takes herself on a mountain hike with one of her dog brothers. She was the glue that held the Okanagan Lake Dip Challenge together. Not once did she complain; she was always the first one into the cold lake and always exited the water with a smile on her face.

She often has a mischievous grin and I know she is plotting some sort of adventure or fascinating project. Her mind is seldom at rest. She actually enjoys hunkering down at her desk to solve math problems. She is constantly creating some type of art work, design or baking a fabulous dessert. She loves to sing, play the piano and will begin cello lessons this month (she begged me to let her study the cello and I caved). Tabby  spends hours devouring novels and taking photographs. I created the poster above by using several pictures from one of Tabs’ self portrait photography series.

However, when Tabby does rest, she rests hard. She’s always been one to sleep suddenly and deeply. She is very much Tabby the cat with whiskers.

The truth is, Tabitha is magic and I am honoured to be her mom.

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  1. Sandra Hart
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    She really is a dynamo and very precious to everyone who knows her.

  2. Mix Hart
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    Yes, I agree. So blessed to have her in our lives.

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