Happy Birthday Magical Girl

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My darling Tabitha is 14 years old today. It seems only a few years ago I held her in her tiny perfection on a cold prairie morning at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.



Tabitha (age 9) in the Hawaiian Botanical Gardens–on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Tabitha is a girl full of surprises…amazing surprises. She has a fascinating, spacial/mathematical and creative brain.  At age four she quickly recited the entire alphabet to me–backwards, starting with Z. I asked her where she learned to do that. She told me she just thought it up herself. She constantly surprises me with the most intricate, geometrical works of art she’s created. If a secret code needs to be broken–send it to Tabs. She is also a kind, fun-loving, passionate, athletic marvel and I love her to bits and beyond.

Happy Birthday Tabitha!


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