Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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Okanagan Lake, Thanksgiving, 2014. Photo by Tabs
Okanagan Lake (Paul’s Tomb), Thanksgiving, 2014.
Photo by Tabs

To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, my sister, daughter and niece (not filmed) spent a few of our afternoons in Okanagan Lake.

The thing I love about Canadians is that we are tough mothers. Cold water never frightens a Canadian.
Last year, when I was in Cuba, snorkelling in a freshwater, underground river, our driver told me I’d find the water too cold to bother going in. Of course, as a Canadian, I highly doubted it. Indeed, the water was refreshing, similar in temperature to a fresh water Canadian lake in July.

Thus, on this Thanksgiving, on top of being thankful for family and health, I am very thankful for beautiful Okanagan Lake; which, is a huge part of my life all year long. I’m either in the lake or running on trails above it.

I thank Ogopogo, the spirit of Okanagan Lake.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to my fellow tough Canucks!

The video was taken on the beach, at the bottom of the mountain I live on.

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    It was actually not too bad. Thankfully the air temperature is still mild! We are debating whether or not to try and dunk once a week until the New Year for a sort of early New Year’s Resolution challenge to raise awareness of our vulnerable Canadian waters.

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