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Pippi in September.

Help! It snowed last night. I am not a snow girl 🙁 Yes, the girls are all thrilled. Especially Mist as it snowed on her birthday evening. My little first born darling turned 14 yesterday! XOXO to my Mist.
I thnk I am suited for equator living or perhaps New Mexico. Theresa just returned from a trip there and I
think it is a fine place for an artist like me: sunshine all year long:)

I am still ill!!!!Bah humbug! I so wish it were true, what people say, that one is down for a week with a bug. It is not. This is day 9 for me. My sinuses hurt so, my teeth ache. I have not worked out all week.
Cry, cry cry….

Mist is having a sleep over birthday party next weekend. I will be well for that! Had an amazing dream last night that I was at a painting workshop and I painted a huge canvas of a horse and of all things a quilt, bed and bedside table. But, as strange as the subject matter sounds, the painting was amazing! I surprised myself and decided I was a painting genius after all 🙂 Yes, ’twas just a dream but I am in agreement with the whole thing!

Have decided to be most realistic about my life. Accept all of my obstacles so I can be proactive and plan for them so they don’t thwart my attempts. #one for me is the isolation of being an artist/writer. I am a social animal and I love getting out each day and socializing–meeting new people is my favourite thing. I always believe the most fascinating, fun person is waiting just around the corner. Thus, my choice of career in this lifetime defies this. however, I believe it could be different. We could live in a world were artists are celebrated (like in the renaissance) and they work in studios side by side with secretaries, agents, galleries all under one roof–like law offices , etc. We could, but we don’t.
Thus, I must create my own community. I am going to get a P/T teaching job once a week or so (at a Uni, gallery or college) and attend workshops internationally at least 2x a year. Plus, I will get out of the studio each day by taking early morning classes in yoga , etc. And, I can do my writing in coffee shops–which I like to do. These are a few ideas. If people have some more, let me know.

My thesis will be done by the end of December so I am ready to start my career work in January. I am excited about this as all it takes is 2 1/2 years of Uni to make one long for the freedom of working for $!

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