Hope, BC

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I have to write this day down. I won’t believe its existence if I don’t. What started out as Fabulous at Francesca’s turned into up at two with
Pip who was sick to her stomach yet again–day 10 of the wicked S. American Stomach flu. And then we were up at 5:30 to get to the air port. The South Texas sunrise was beautiful–a tangerine stripe on the horizon. All seemed well and although the air line had us listed as Mr.’s and Mrs. (Pete and Tabs were Mr. The rest of us Mrs.) we thought it humorous. And then the surprise. The air line had secretly tagged us as “suspicious passengers”–United. So we were forced to stand huddled as a family in a Plexiglas box while they searched all of our take on luggage and then were led out to be frisked one by one–even the Pip.
So…the flight was insane. Pip was out of control–screaming at the top of her lungs during take off–refused to be belted in her seat. Tabs and Pete were seated at the front of the plane while the rest of us were at the back. Anyway, 1/2 way through the flight Pete switched seats with me. It was quite the surprise when a man came up to the guy in the seat beside me to complain about how he was stuck at the back of the flight with that screaming baby. He had no idea I was the mother.Even as the flight ended I heard one too many conversations about the screaming baby. Needless to say, Pip will not be flying for awhile.
And now, for the finally: we landed late from Denver to discover the Coquihalla was closed due to a massive avalanche. So in the dark and rain we attempted the Princeton high way. As we climbed deeper and deeper into the pass the rain turned to a blizzard and the road to ice.Not to mention the snow at the sides of the road grew deeper and deeper and the traffic thinned out to nill–all the while “no stopping avalanche area” signs lined the high way. The snow grew too thick and the road to slippery so we headed back to Hope–doing a U-E on the high way. So, here we are holding in Hope.

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  1. catherinelarahart
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    This can’t be for real. Please take it easy on the way home, I am worried about your safety and sanity. All my love–Catherine

  2. Miranda Hart
    | Reply

    Good lord girl…did you make this up? Why is God testing you?

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