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All Dress-up and Ready For The PINK Party!

Host Pippi Greets Her Guests in a Unique Dancing Greeting

(Forgive the cheesy grin–what can I say, I was excited to be at the party!)

Peter Gets into Party Mood Schmoozing with the other Guests

More Schmoozing…

My turn to Schmooze… 

Party Host Pippi, Not One to Miss a Pose For the Paparazzi

Entertainment Included The Game of Life (Tabs and Pip setting it up)

Sunday night I was handed an invitation to a Pink party–it was to commence immediately after supper in Pip’s room. I was to dress in pink. Later, the party location was changed to the rec room for more space. Pip was a lovely hostess and her family attended except big sis Mist because she had a lot of home work. Pip and I won The Game of Life, 3 millions dollars +. We were a team–lesbian veterinarians with one son and a dog. Veterinarian was our second career, at first we were super-star Zumba instructors based in Paris. Now that was a fun job 😉 I like that my kids automatically assume when they land on the “get married” square that they can choose a gay wedding or not. Pip decided we were going to be a two woman couple. I thank Canada for being a country that this idea based on equality is the norm.

BTW, Mirror Mirror was entertaining. I liked Julia Roberts and the 7 dwarfs. It was most definitely for kids but I didn’t mind it. I always applaud the retelling of fairy tales with the princess being strong and in control of her own destiny.

So, I have one month to finish editing my novel and get it e-published. Can I do it? I need an editor who is efficient and fast. Will research this. This is my priority–publishing my two novels within the spring deadline. Must not take on too much at this time as this will take up most of my days. Editing the novels to comply with e-Book standards will be a lot of boring, fiddly tech work. Formatting is nothing like a traditional novel. The writing was the easy part. So, I will know within a few weeks if I can do the journalism class at the end of the month–it depends on how advanced I am with the publishing.

Possibly teaching more Zumba classes with a gym closer to my house 🙂 Subbing for sure and they may have a class for me in the summer. Looks like I have 4 classes for sure this spring. I want to taper down to one over the summer.

Must spend some time training my 5 month Old Boston Bulldog puppy Pablo. I can hardly keep upright when he pulls on walks. He is big(this is relative, I know–he’s big compared to Fernando his pug brother), strong and agile. He finally took on Fernando the other morning when Fernando tried to steal his breakfast. He went after him so aggressively, I feared little Fernando might get hurt. Though, on inspection, his dear little black velvet ear was wet but not bitten. Usually its Fernando attacking the Pabs so don’t feel too sorry for the little pug (he’s not as innocent as he pretends to be).
– Pip has just announced she is starting a day care for dogs in the kitchen at this very moment–good. She was complaining she was bored and wanted me to attend a “Green Party.” I’m still tuckered from last night’s Pink Party! She’s herding them into their kennel for “nap time.” Pablo is resisting. Trying to be a human-alpha dog is exhausting! I always must intervene to make sure he doesn’t get aggressive with the Pip. She’s just announced after sleep time is dog snack time–they’ll be happy now!

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