Be Humble. Be Human First

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(Built in 1833 ) The Arulmigu Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Penang, Malaysia, Photo: Mix Hart

Be Humble—Be Human

In a world where human beings murder innocent children over religion, I believe it is time for all human beings to wake up and accept that we have never been a religion nor will we ever be a religion.

We are all human beings, sisters and brothers of the human race. Instead of identifying oneself by a religion or ethnicity, it is more liberating to identify oneself as human first.

Instead of thinking, I am Buddhist or Christian or Jewish or  fill in blank,  it is more humble and true to think: I am a human being who practises  Buddhist or Christian or Jewish or  fill in blank philosophy.

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  1. Ludo
    | Reply

    Good point

    • Mix Hart
      | Reply

      Thanks Ludo.

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