Islam in the Morning

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Photo taken on way here in Banana van–many elephant crossing road signs along the highway.

Up bright and early–5:30 am as megaphones from all over Penang blast out Islamic prayers. I stood on our balcony and listened to a chorus of many, many different mosques from all over Penang call their flocks to worship–and from the volume of their ┬áspeakers, their calling more than just Muslims. No more sleep. It’s an odd type of song–like long, mournful wales to Arabic music.
Forgot to mention that yesterday on our way from Perhentian by speed boat, we came upon a large police boat that had pulled over about 4 speedboats full of tourists. Our driver slowed and spoke to police and then they let our boat go. Thank G, as I didn’t want a caning nor did I want to miss the Banana Van.

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  1. Miranda
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    Double wowsers. Spend three days and mable lake and you sure miss a lot! What a glorious trip.

  2. theresa_hart
    | Reply

    Why were you worried about a caning? Have you been secretly drinking beer again? Took the masses to toy story tonight. The girls all won a stuffy. Now we await the arrival of the Klironomos girls. Wild fun and excitement awaits, maybe even a puppet show. You are going to find the transition from sybarite to working mom very difficult, especially without those fawning photographers. Start girding your tropical loins now.

  3. Melissa Mix Hart
    | Reply

    M-How was Mable Lake? Everytime we’ve talked to the girls they are having the best time! I am sure they are chomping at the bit for their Kelowna cousins to arrive too. Hope Calgary was fun T.
    Asia has been a whirlwind of excitement and adventure. My mind will need to download it all once I hit Canadian soil. No beer, but wine and risque clothing!

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