Lazy Summer

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I never blog anymore because often my posts never aappear and are lost. So we’ll see. Hate looking for a new vehicle. The hours, months I have spent researching…I am sick of it. My big girls are off on seperate vacations in seperate cities. Mist at Auntie T’s with all her big cousins. Tabs at Granny and Grandad’s in Kamloops. Little Poppy home with her Mommy. She is a dickens! She likes to dance on the spot, really fast, heaving her little feet in the air rapidly, then she’ll plop down on her bum. Working as usual on my books. The task has no financial rewards yet but I am determined. I will never stop. It is only because I love the actual process of writing and creating. I find that so engaging and fun that I can’t stop. I miss my big girls but will see them on Friday!

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