Leo Birthdays for Lions

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Biking in the Slocan Valley on my Birthday.

Nemi turned seven yesterday–it was quite an event. A day long party beginning with the H2O centre. Two hours on water slides and in wave pools. The girls had the best time and I know Nemi sure did.
I am going to have to approach private companies to build me a canvas painting storage rack. The only one that is sold world wide is 650$ before taxes. And believe me, it is NOT worth that price.
My plan is to finish my web site promoting my books and paintings. Then work on finishing all my editing (and painting an entire new set of illustrations for “A Pug Named Pru”). When that is all accomplished, I will work on new paintings and just pound the earth trying to get published. I will most likely do digital self publishing to start. Life is a long journey. That is true. My journey involves painting and writing the entire way–and, most importantly, hanging with my three adorable little gals. I wonder if their is an interdisciplinary PhD program for visual art/creative writing out there?

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  1. Miranda
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    If there isnt – you can make one. That’s really the secret – create the life you want to live. What did the Brothers Bloom say: live like you’re telling the best story ever told….

  2. John's pic of the day
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    those pics look like paintings. so rich in colour.

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