A Winter Wood’s Celebration

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Tabitha pulled the sled deeper and deeper in to winter forest. Pip wondered if all of the bears were sleeping…
A hill! Pip ventured into the unknown forest depths at a brisk pace.
It was too fun to move on. Pip climbed back up the hill and instructed Tabitha to slide next.
The dogs were unsure if sliding was their thing. Perhaps they’d run ahead to insure no bears were still about…
Not so fast! Tabitha said.
 I gathered Pablo in my arms and swept him down the hill.
Pablo was not amused.

They slid, they tumbled, they laughed.
Fernando, a seasoned tobogganist, speculated that they’d even got a foot of air!
You’re my hero Bro but I’m not doing that again.
Come on Fernando, we’re done here. Time to move on! Pablo said.
A graceful doe, on the mountain above, quietly watched our group as we wove our way deeper into the forest.
A snow angel guided our way to a beautiful, bright clearing in the forest where ravens called to us in greeting.
We stopped and sat on blankets of snow to watch, listen and acknowledge that, deep in the forest, we had come home.

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