Malaysian Jungle Plants

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I thought the Elizabethan collar fungi was especially exquisite–Tamana Negara Jungle.
Suffering profoundly from jet-lag. How will I ever get up for the gym again? Not to mention I have my entire Master’s degree hanging in the balance. I must get my act together and get back on the treadmill that is North American life.
I missed my daughters so much on my journey that all I wanted was to get back to my girls. And finally I am home with them again and I realize that I have many responsibilities to ensure our life together is good.
I need staff. I cannot possibly keep up the cleaning, renovating, cooking, wardrobes, lessons and leisure duties that keep a family home running. Peter is a man whose life is his work. Home is a place to crash. Thus I am responsible for all that is “home.” It really is too much for one woman. Especially when the woman is also someone who is building a career. Mine is the generation without help. I need a housekeeper, handyman and gardener. I simply cannot do it all well.
I am the mother who wants to be with her children–playing, exploring. I do not want to be chained to household chores and ignore my babes.
This is my constant struggle: to have a home that runs smoothly and have time to just be with my daughters and pursue a small place in the art world for me.

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  1. Sandra
    | Reply

    That’s Life!

  2. Sara Nessman
    | Reply

    Excellent pictures, as usual!

  3. Melissa Mix Hart
    | Reply

    Thank-you Sara–most of the time it was so humid my lens fogged over so often I missed shots and had to wait for the lens to quit fogging up.
    Sandra: there has to be a better way.

  4. Johan
    | Reply

    Having a fabulous exotic vacation is what most would term ‘the better way’. Payment always needs to be made in life – one way or the other….

    Wise Guy

  5. Melissa Mix Hart
    | Reply

    You might be on to something Wise-Guy. Perhaps I am only able to cope with vacations, real life is too much work 😛

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