Mauna Kea, Hawaii

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Mauna Kea, Hawaii

It was a sunny, early and windy morning on The Big Island. We downed our Häagen-Dazs breakfast (hey, it’s the ONLY thing that’s affordable in Hawaii—the tubs are on sale for $2.67) and zoomed out of our town house for Mauna Kea Beach. There are only 40 parking spots at Mauna Kea and if you don’t make it in, it’s a very LONG walk to the beach.


We made it in most likely because the morning was insanely windy and the break dangerously high. However, we had fun with the wind and waves.


I dislocated my ribs only days earlier during a particularly rough day of boogie boarding at Hapuna. I was having so much fun (sure, the waves bashed me around and a few blind sided me) that I didn’t realize I was injured until hours later when my abdomen began to swell and breathing really hurt!

It’s true what they say about Hapuna, be careful of the break or the break will break you…yep, Hapuna’s break broke me.


But alas, I love the ocean so much that I’ll be back in boogie boarding again just as soon as my ribs fall back into place and the Canadian dollar rises again so Hawaii is more affordable for us Northerners!

IMG_0807_FotorThere is a wildness about The Big Island. The ocean is dangerous yet alluring and the Hawaiian air (albeit when you’re upstream from the volcano) is the cleanest on earth. Life in Hawaii fills my soul, mind and body. I am in the ocean all day long and I never want to leave. I’ll send for the dogs and this will be home…



I hope you enjoy the photographs of my family’s morning at Mauna Kea.




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  1. Sandra Hart
    | Reply

    Looks like you all were having a wonderful time. What abs in the 1st picture.!

  2. Mix Hart
    | Reply

    Thank-you S! Yes, it was the best time. Every day in Hawaii is a beautiful day… my girls are the six pack triplets. They’re proud of those strong muscles :)!

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