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Tabs running the 800m. She placed 3rd
A congratulatory kiss from her number one fan
A sisterly moment between events
Pip ready to cheer for her sister Tabs

200m, Tabs won
Awaiting to run the 800m

Writing to say life’s been happening.
Peter is at a conference in Nelson until the weekend. The girls are keeping me hopping.
 Yesterday it seems I did nothing but run around the city: drop Peter off at the car rental, lunch date, picked up a book at Chapters on Spain (to plan my trip), picked up Pip from Preschool (she then decided she wanted a play date at Artemis’), choir practice for Tabs (I sat in the sun at the Art Centre and started reading the book on Spain), raced home to make supper for the girls.
I was so tired, I have caught a respiratory bug from Pip, so I went to bed early. I was finally asleep by nine when Mist awoke me to say there was a cat in our back yard that looked just like the cat we lost 10 years ago (that would make the cat about 16 if he really was still alive). I was too tired to get out of bed so I just said, call it and see if it comes to you. I guess it didn’t, because there is no grey cat living here today.
Today a track meet  at the Apple Bowl for Tabitha–must get ready to go to that. Then pick up Mist later tonight from some school leader function.
Yesterday met a friend of mine, Armelle, for lunch–hadn’t seen her in a long while. We had many adventures together in Malaysia so it was good to see her again–she invited me to a party in a week’s time.
Spain is booked. We leave July 1st for Barcelona. The girls will be visiting their auntie T and their Granny while we’re away.
Tomorrow I am meeting a friend of mine for lunch whom I haven’t seen since Vipassana–Zoe. The Vipassana meditators will meet for the first time on UBC campus Sunday evening–I must meet security there early to let them in. Have no idea how many will be coming…
Tabs has a soccer game on Saturday and then a choir music concert finally at the art centre on Sunday–so happy I can purchase tickets at the door as I am too busy to pick them up prior to the event.
Have been resting my leg but I am sick of resting. And now I have this respiratory bug so it means more time off serious workouts. Perhaps I will rest today but tomorrow I must jump back in. My mind is going crazy not working out. I need to exhaust myself physically each day to  keep me calm.
I will find time to finish editing a novel and then throw myself head first into painting again.
*Blooger is acting up and won’t let me upload a pic. So if there is no pic in this post–one will be coming when Blogger behaves itself!

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