Modernista is Getting A New Look!

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I am in the middle of changing blog themes and choosing a new blog name. Modernista Mama will basically be the same blog, just a whole lot more spectacular. My New name will be Musings by Mix Hart. I am segueing the blog to fit with my new website coming in the new year. It will be my author and artist site promoting my fiction novels, junior fiction novels, picture books and my oil paintings. Musings will continue to be all about me and my family life and all the things that are important to me.

Unfortunately, during the transition, I am tidying up a few glitches. Occasionally, I find an old post suddenly republished on Facebook. Yikes! I was within seconds of diverting a small disaster. I almost published an ancient draft I had written but decided it was too edgy to publish. You can thank me for saving you all from the post: The Reality Of Sex. It was pretty risqué, I admit.

If I published all the drafts that never made it publishing, this would be an entirely different blog. I actually think I’d have a lot more fans…not going to happen though.

Thanks for your patience and support! The new look is going to be amazing.

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