Mountain Meditation…with Pug

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P5150014_FotorI am blessed to be able to start my morning meditating on a mountain top, immersed in nature….with Fernando. This has been my routine all spring, ever since it’s been warm and dry enough to sit on the cliffs and take in the natural splendour of my mountain backyard.

I run on the same mountain with Pablo super early (6 a.m.). Then, I head home, make breakfast and lunch for my school girls and walk my youngest Pippi to her bus stop with Fernando. Fernando and I keep walking into the forest and stop for a moment in the sunshine to meditate–we stay for about 10-15 minutes of solitude before heading home to start the work day.

Me and my boy, Fernando.

We absorb all the sights, scents and sounds of the mountain. Yesterday, a kestrel was very angry with a raven and kept dive bombing her. The raven was getting most agitated and would scold the kestrel from her perch (on a dead ponderosa branch). The raven would alternate between scolding the kestrel in a voice that sounded like a bullfrog croaking and then it would switch to a voice that sounding like a cat saying meow. It was an intense forest drama.

Our morning mountain meditations are bliss. Fernando sits beside me on the rocks for a while and then edges his little, chubby bod onto my knee. Sometimes, the sun is hot and he pants and pants and disrupts the zen vibe. On those times, I move his black, furry bod to a shady spot near by and tell him to stay. He’ll stay…for a few minutes…then I’ll feel his chubby, hot bod squeeze its way onto my lap again and the panting start up.

Camomile flowers bloom on cliff’s edge.

Today, Fernando interrupted our peace with a fierce warning bark. Unbeknownst to me, a lone hiker was standing on a cliff’s edge next to ours. I had no idea he’d appeared so close to us. We quietly waved to each other. Fernando is the best guard boy.

My runs with Pablo require a lot more adrenalin. Earlier this morning, just after 6, I heard foot steps fast approaching from behind on a hill. A lone male runner appeared suddenly on the mountain trail. I’m forest/street wise. Every large mammal has the potential to be a foe. I like to be in control of all possible stranger meetings. I sped up into a full on sprint up the mountain. Pablo and I can fly when we want to. At the top of the mountain we slowed to our usual pace and turned onto a side trail along the cliffs. The runner followed. I never let a male follow me when I’m alone on any trail and the trail was too narrow for him to pass us; so, to be courteous, I pulled Pablo over to the side and let the runner pass. As he passed he said, “I’m not chasing you…this is my route. Anyway, you’re stronger than I am.”

My morning meditation temple...
Behold the splendour: my morning meditation temple…

I said, “No worries,” as he passed. Weird! So I said to Pablo, “Yeah, we could out run the bugger.”

I felt like saying to the guy: Hey Buddy, if it makes you uncomfortable that a lone woman on a mountain trail must be on alert and cautious around you because of the sexist society we live in, imagine how we feel!

Fernando the fabulous, meditating pug.
Fernando the fabulous, meditating pug *LOVE*


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    Interesting article. Nando is a cutie.

  2. Mix Hart
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    Thanks S. He is so adorable! I just want to kiss him in that bottom pic.

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