My Lovely Date

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A hot chocolate face.
My darling Pippi was the perfect Starbucks date. She is a Fashionista. She picks out clothes and brings them to me, to help her get dressed. This is her Princess outfit.

I met with my supervisor yesterday. I have a lot of work ahead of me. My thesis will be a small piece of the giant Digital Fiction project I have planned. It is overwhelming, considering, I want to actually do some ground breaking, pioneering work. So it means talking with the top people in the field at other Universities and even approaching publishing houses for some form of sponsorship. All I can say is YIKES at this point.
The new giant indoor pool, slides, wave pool, surfing pool is finally open–actually it is ahead of schedule. I will buy us memberships and the girls and I will do a pool night each Wednesday before supper (to avoid crowds!).
Tabs had wacky hair day at school and soccer pics this evening. Her hair is a mass of pony tails and braids. 
Mist’s drama coach is pleased with her fairy dancing in the play and has positioned her as the front fairy.
Pip has been enjoying practising yoga moves with me. She is determined to do them all correctly and insists I help her with the positions until she’s mastered them. She “loves” them all. 
Class on Saturday. Family photo’s at the park on Sunday. Tomorrow something fun. It all depends on the weather, whether it be indoor or outdoor fun!
Here’s to a blast from the Pineapple Express!

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  1. Miranda
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    Hi MJ

    What SB is that? DOnt recognize it…

    BTW, our phone/internet at home is fritzing… we are incommunicado except at work. In an emergency you can try the cell. We’re working on it……

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