New Year’s Eve Zumba!

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Had to post our  party pics from New Year’s Eve. I just love my sister’s new building. Hart Hall is the best: a giant hall with a cathedral ceiling to run and dance to our hearts desires. Theresa just purchased the historical stone building from the Anglican Church on Nelson–so there are many repairs and renovations to do–under the tile (in the below pics) is oak hardwood. The main floor of Hart Hall will be used for her Vet clinic–Theresa is a vet. My sis’ partner Joop was at the party too but unfortunately when I had the camera out, he was back at the house finding us a sound system.

We Kelownians are all home now, back in Kelowna. The winter has not existed for us. We had an early November snow when I shot the tobogganing pictures Have Dog. Will Toboggan and then it melted and that was it! It has been snowless and mild ever since. I like it but I know it is not a good thing. We need major snow packs in the mountains to avoid a summer of fierce forest fires again.

I am dancing all month–teaching daily, sometimes 5 classes a day! I love it though. I can’t help myself, I was born to dance–I am always so happy dancing. It is the one thing that makes me feel like I am the centre of the universe and invisible at the same time–bliss. Enjoying teaching at the elementary school. The kids are so much fun. Though, there is always the one seemingly removed kid in every class (usually a boy–with a vacant look in his eyes that shuffles around, not  really involved). But that is the way it goes in a classroom. Perhaps as the month continues, the music and dance will reach those kids in some way.

Arriving at Hart Hall just before midnight.
The littlest dancers arrive in their PJ’s
Theresa pours the Champagne in prep for the New Year’s toast. Paul and Kim eagerly await the toasts 🙂
The girls discovered some religious cloaks left from when the Anglican Church owned Hart Hall
The dance begins!
Tabs, Paul (in festive hat)  and Nem
My New Year’s Eve Zumba class. The best one ever! We were all stuffed with appetizers and Champagne but boy could we move ;D  Peter did a break-dancing solo.
Tabs and Nem getting into more mischief!
Mistaya looking quite funky in the religious robe.
Tabs busting a move with a tired little Pip. 
Me, refueling after the dancing–no more Champagne for me!

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