No Plan B

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My Mountain Running Buddies this Morning: Pablo and Fernando

 My entire adult life I have always had a plan B. Plan B has often required much daily maintenance and often intruded into plan A.
 F plan B! I say.
For the first time ever, I have nothing but a plan A. If A fails and leaves me hanging, I’ll free fall. I like the  idea of that in a way. Plan B just gets in my way. All I have are publishing my 3 finished novels. That is it. Once they are published (old school) or (and) e-book, I have zilch planned except to keep on writing. If they make me no money, I’ll hunker down and come up with a new plan A at that time.
It is going to be difficult for me. My mind will try and conjure up a plan B daily. I will resist. I will say no. I refuse to allow my mind to have a plan B, ever again. It has never worked for me. All plan B has been is a distraction, maintenance.
It is plan A until I bust and then come up with a new plan A at that point in time.

So, cutting back on Zumba teaching in the fall. I’ll teach enough to keep me super fit and coast on that momentum. I taught my UBC noon class yesterday. I LOVE that class. My students are so great, each and every one a gift. No matter how blah or bad my mind might feel, after that class I feel on top of the world.

Took my dog boys on  an early morning mountain run today. That was bliss: blue sky, sunshine, wilderness and calm lake below. I passed a bald eagle sitting high in a tree. I have an entire blog dedicated to all of the mountain wild flowers along the route but I cannot find my flower ID manual and  posting the beautiful flowers without their proper names would be lame. I must find that book!

Went to a movie down town last night: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The British are so good with characterization and dialogue. Yes, it was a predictable feel-good movie but a little bit of dark comedy and a little drama balanced it. The movie was delightfully entertaining. I love the ugly truths shouted out occasionally throughout the movie. I laughed at much, the darker, the better.

A day of gardening, 2 soccer games and the beach later this afternoon. We have a guest all weekend long: Bowser. In Pip’s kindergarten class each student brings home the giant stuffed dog named Bowser for the weekend and scrapbooks about their adventures. Bowser has kept us busy!

I will leave you with a favorite line from the movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: It if it is not all right then it isn’t the end yet. Everything is all right in the end.

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