Paddleboard Yoga Makes Yoga Fun!

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Me, at Tugboat Beach, Kelowna BC, after an evening of paddleboard yoga❤

Paddleboard Yoga

I tried paddleboard yoga last night and liked it. No, I loved it! In general, I find land yoga classes on the dull side but paddleboard yoga changed all that…

I do yoga stretching every night (I have to otherwise I would be an injured mess) to work out any damage I’ve done to my body that day from standing at a computer, running, dancing, skiing, weight lifting, or being tripped by one of my dogs (to name a few culprits).

The stretching I don’t mind; I only spend about 15 minutes at it.

However, I’ve done many yoga classes in the past (nearly every type of yoga out there) and, for the most part, I find them boring because my mind is the kind that links the physical with action—I like to be moving quickly through space to feel engaged.

Paddleboard yoga is so much more fun than land yoga! My mind and body have to be present and connected for the entire class or else I’m going in! That’s the best part—the unpredictability of falling off my board and into the cold lake. I never thought I’d like the falling aspect, but it makes yoga a little unpredictable and exciting.

It was an ego boost to discover that I can do a bridge (back arch) on the board. Who knew?

At class end, as I was lying back on my board, I looked up at the blue sky. My eyes followed birds soaring by and my hands rested in the cool water. I swear, I could have been in Hawaii.

It’s always worth stepping outside the box to try new things because sometimes you discover something you love❤

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