Painting a Portrait of My Daughter

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Mix Hart, 2019

I can’t wait until it’s complete…I have to give you a sneak peek at something I’m working on: a digital-oil portrait of my youngest daughter, Pippi. I am almost finished her face–I always paint the face first when I paint a portrait, because if it doesn’t look like my muse, what is the point?

Pippi’s lips are ruby red as she will be holding a cherry popsicle. The painting will be fairly large: 3 feet in length. Now that the face is nearly complete (just a little more work), the rest of the painting should flow more quickly.

I have painted each daughter’s portrait when she was an infant or toddler. After a decade, I have finally made the time to paint my youngest daughter’s toddlerhood portrait.

Painting and writing are very different creative activities for me. I can write when I’m tired or feeling unwell because one can write anywhere: at Starbucks or even propped up in bed with a fever. With writing, I know I can clean it up later when I’m feeling better. However, with painting, it’s surgery: I stand and hold my brush precisely and make precise marks on the canvas. There is no cleaning it up later–sloppy brushstrokes ruin the painting. I have to be on top of my game for each brush stroke–no more Starbucks for me!

I’ll post the finished canvas as soon as it is completed.

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