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A beautiful Orange Orb spider in our lavender garden. The wind was blowing the lavender, thus the pic came out a little blurry.

I have been resting my knee yesterday and again today. I want it to fully heal and soon so I can launch into my workouts by Monday.
Kyran goes home tomorrow. Miranda and family will drive him and spend a few days in Nelson visiting. My family? Hmm…we have sailing lessons next weekend and swimming lessons for the girls the following two weeks. September long weekend will be our Kamloops weekend: gold panning, canoeing, ghost hunting. I am hope full Miranda and Theresa and families will join us in Kamloops for that weekend. I would like to do a trip down to Osoyoos this week. It is nectarine season and we could use a crate. Unfortunately, Peter and my passports just expired and we will not have enough time to renew them in order to zip across the border into Orville for our favorite Mexican food–they have a great restaurant run by a Mexican family just across the border–we have been know to drive down to the states just for supper and back again.
It is amazing how one leg injury can catapult one into a depression. I already feel desperate–knowing I can’t hike, run or bike for a few days. It is what I do. I hate not moving!
Oh, most exciting: we will be seeing the new Hayao Miyazaki film downtown tonight! I love that director. He is brilliant.
Also, I am re-editing Sugar Shack at Sea–and realizing what a bang-up novel it is! Once my two junior fiction novels are completely reedited–then I am off to pound the earth getting them published.
Still undecided about how to fit in painting. I think I may just write a novel and then alternate with painting a series. Write-paint, write-paint and depending on my sales–I will alter the sequence to go with what it is my meal ticket at that time. I love doing both, they are burning passions of mine. I cannot, not do one of them–this is how I must juggle my passions mentally, so I can free my mind up to get down to business and create!
Saddened by the high suicide rate and poverty up in the Canadian Arctic. The youth suicide rates continue to climb at unheard of rates. What can we as fellow Canadians do to help?

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