CiCi Bean For My Girl!

Pip and Fernando on the playground. Pip is wearing leggings, layered t-shirts and leg warmers all from CiCi Bean.

I was asked if I’d like to review some clothing by CiCi Bean, clothing designed for girls with three concepts in mind: personal style, comfort and fashion. CiCi Bean is a British Columbia based design company; as a fellow British Columbian, I was eager to try out their fashions! My youngest daughter, Pip, agreed to be a CiCi Bean fashionista.

I am a fashionista. When someone asks me to test out their fashions, they are in for a quality testing! I know fashion, I know design and I know garment construction. I studied fashion design in Toronto as a young woman and I designed and constructed my entire wardrobe from ages 16-26 (a time in my life when my taste in fashion was ahead of both the Canadian retailers and my pocket book). Did I mention I received 99% final mark in Fabric Science?

Pip in a favorite CiCi Bean outfit.

CiCi Bean  passed Modernista Mama’s fashion testing with flying colours! Pip and I rate the clothing as top notch for the three concepts they promote: personal style, comfort and fashion.

Pip is as picky as her mom when it comes to clothing comfort and style. She absolutely fell in love with CiCi Bean’s Love Bird Tee (double  t-shirts: cropped striped over long sleeved black). She adored the longer sleeves with the thumb opening. On warmer days she wore the cropped striped T alone and on cooler days, she layered the Ts for a funky look.

The Sweet Style Skinnies (black leggings) construction is impressive. Pip found them very comfortable. The jersey fabric is strong, flexible, yet, super soft on the skin. They are designed with a good fit in mind: the waist is comfortably high enough and the legs have lots of length (but work for shorter legs too as the bottom is designed to be scrunched up if desired, with an optional snap opening). I love the fashion detailing such as the back pockets and the wide, fabric-covered waist band.

The Luv U Leg Warmers (in grey) were a hit with all of my daughters–even my 16 year old wanted to borrow them for her ballet class! I like them because they actually protect what ever pants they are worn over from the dusty gravel on school playgrounds.

Pip enjoyed wearing the clothing items so much that after one wearing, she got the items quite dirty (she’s an outdoorsy go-getter when she plays); yet, she wanted to wear the outfit again, the very next day! Thus, I had to quickly wash and dry the clothes that evening (after she’d put on her pyjamas and had gone to bed).  Pip was thrilled to wear the very same outfit again the next morning!

CiCi Bean clothing truly impressed both my daughter and I. In fact, I am going to order her the matching skirt and a few other items from their catalogue for Pip’s fall/winter wardrobe.

Fernando loves when Pip wears her CiCi Bean–it means they can play hard!

CiCi Bean makes quality pieces for girls. The design, construction and fabrics used are of superior quality. They fit better than other children’s clothing products out there. In fact, I can honestly say, that after raising and dressing 3 fashionistas, that CiCi Bean garments are designed and fit better than any other girls’ clothing I have purchased to date (and I have purchased a lot: from high-end international designers to big box store brands).

I am excited for CiCi Bean as they are producing fashionable, well made and comfortable clothing for girls and they are Canadian too!

Pip, my budding little fashionista, and her best pal, Fernando The Pugnacious!

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  1. Sandra Hart
    | Reply

    The clothes sound and look great. Pippi is a beautiful model

  2. Mix Hart
    | Reply

    Thank-you Sandra. A true compliment coming from someone as skilled and talented in children’s fashion design as you 🙂 Pip is a natural!

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