Picnic with Pip

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This is the view directly behind my home. We just walk over the top of the mountain and arrive here. It is easy to see why I adore this mountain.
Pip and Mom. Pip picked out this picnic spot for us.
Pip taking in the lake view.
More Pip
Pip enjoying the iced tea.

When the weather is lovely, I take the time to just be outdoors. Impromptu hikes and mini picnics happen with ease.  I adore a warm climate, it facilitates this easy living outdoors. Ironic that my ancestors chose Canada to immigrate to. Though I cannot complain about Canada. For what it lacks in tropical climate, it makes up for in almost everything else .

Preparing to leave the children and dogs for a week requires so much planning and prep that it is overwhelming–much easier to simply stay home. June is especially difficult as the children have many ceremonies to attend that I will miss. I am fortunate to have a very brave nephew stepping in to attempt the job of looking after this big, demanding brood of mine.

 Pablo comes home today. I will leave him just when he needs me and my time the most–to keep up his training. Again, I leave him in the hands of my brave nephew.

Today is a whirlwind: Walk Fernando, pick up Pablo, training session with him, nephew arrives, Spring Fair at the little girls’ school, piano concert tonight for big girls (dear Tabs is included in both categories), laundry, grocery shop for week, pack.

I will finish my editing work and start some more while I am away.

Why do I blog when my world seems chaotic with no time to find mindfulness? Because it gives me mindfulness. The art of writing and creating this blog makes me present, engaged and contributes a teeny-tiny bit to the blogsphere and my own growth as a writer.

Desperately need to practice more mindfulness. Teaching Zumba requires complete mindfulness, one tiny slip up–a new thought floats into my head and bam! I forget the next dance step, the music sounds foreign to me and I blank out. Almost never happens to me because I am practiced at being present as a dance instructor. But with the craziness of the last two weeks, my mind was not as sharp as it usually is and yesterday I blanked out on one step during a song I have danced to 1000 times and know inside and out. Mindfulness may not seem like such a vital thing–teach a Zumba class and suddenly you realize how vital it is!

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