Pippi Gymnastics

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Biking the Kettle valley Railway this morning.

It is paradise up there. Biking through the tunnels and between narrow cliffs the air is crisp and refreshing and biking on the hot, sun-soaked trestles (that smell of train grease) is exhilarating.
I am suffering from post-stress disorder as well as impending stress disorder. My skin has decided to flare up…I shall overcome!
Tomorrow I will be up bright and early–well perhaps dull and early—in time for trying out yet another hot and gruelling yoga class with Miranda.
Fernando has decided to fill Silver’s shoes by peeing all over in the kids bedrooms. HELP! Get me out of this pet nightmare! I’ve never had more difficult pets in my entire life than Silver and Fernando. Silver has been adopted into a new home (Thank-G) and I will break that little Fernando’s ‘naughty to the nuts’ spirit of his or else he will find himself knocking on a certain Aunties door in the Kootenays.
I am pooped from a lot of heavy duty workouts lately. So tonight the entire family (Pip did nude gymnastics on our bed as the rest of us tried to catch the odd glimpse of the screen through her antics) watched part of season five of “The Office” on a DVD until our player overheated. So while it cools down, I popped Pip and Tabs in the bath and managed a blog update.
Finally meditating again–just before bed each night. It is my much needed vice.

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